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United Nations Ave. Chiropractic Center, Inc. is very proud of its rich history and tradition of putting our patients and staff first and foremost.  In accordance with our clinic goals and objectives, since 1990 we have proudly served the Philippines. Our primary two concerns have been "Your Health and Our Reputation." 

It is an honor to work with other health care providers to extend health options for families.  As early as 1989, we inquired with the Department of Health (DOH) before formally establishing our first clinic. As part of that coordination in the early years we assisted the DOH with a visit to the United States to gather more information on the philosophy, education, practice, legislation and certification of chiropractic.  Dr. Ronald Mitchell personally escorted a representative of the DOH to Life and Palmer Chiropractic Colleges - West in California. 

Throughout the years, we have made ourselves available to the DOH Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC). Given our pioneering efforts, we give credit where credit is due. As mentioned in "About Us," in 1990 when we established our first clinic, there was only one chiropractor in the Philippines, educated and trained in the U.S.  That was Dr. Jameson Uy. Dr. Ronald Mitchell became the second.  Since 1990, we have seen the number of chiropractors increase and the profession getting the credit it deserves as a conservative alternative for health care.  We welcome the increase in the number of chiropractors because the Philippines is very deserving.  Compared to other countries with modern health care, the Philippines has a very, very small number of chiropractors.

As part of this "Virtual Office Tour," we would like to take this opportunity to familiarize you with our history of providing chiropractic services in the Philippines:   

1990 - We established our first chiropractic clinic in Physicians' Diagnostic Services Center, a secondary hospital, at 533 U.N. Avenue.  Dr. Pedro DeGuzman deserves a tremendous amount of credit for having the vision to include us (chiropractic) as part of his medical facility.  Our commitment was and continues to be that our clinics in the Philippines will provide services with trained personnel similar to in the United States and other developed countries.

1991 - We established our second chiropractic clinic at Valle Verde Country Club.  This was due largely to demand from our patients who were traveling a long distance to receive treatment at 533 U.N. Avenue.  We met the challenge and obligated ourselves to provide continuing care.

1996 - We established the first provincial chiropractic clinic in Angeles City at 151-A Fil-Am Friendship Highway. Patients requested that we open a clinic in Pampanga so they would not have to travel to Metro Manila.  We listened and we did.

2008 - We established a chiropractic clinic in Makati.  This was primarily to better serve our patients and to reduce travel time to our existing locations.  Our current location is at 7K 120 Amorsolo Street.

2010 - We established a chiropractic clinic in Quezon City at 1300 Quezon Avenue/Timog Avenue.  We listened to our patients and wanted to accommodate their needs as much as possible.  Remember, it is about serving our patients.

2019 - We established a chiropractic clinic in Subic Bay at the Financial Building, 2nd Floor Lot 5 Times Square, near Harbour Point Mall.  We had a number of patients who were traveling from the Olongapo area to Angeles City for chiropractic treatment. Again, we listened to our patients and wanted to accommodate their needs as much as possible.  After more than 28 years, we have not forgotten that it is most important to provide quality care to our patients and to provide service to the community.

The significant increase in the number of chiropractic clinics in the Philippines has occurred after 2010.  That is a primary reason that we are proud of our pioneering efforts to bring chiropractic to the Philippines and to set a very high standard for safe, effective and affordable chiropractic care for families,  Our self imposed challenge going forward into the future is to stay true to the philosophy of getting our patients better through the power of Chiropractic and improving each person's individual quality of life.  These must be the motivating factors and guiding principles for what we do!